Center is an Alternative Space and Hostel in Tochigi / Japan run by sound artist Madoka Kouno and Experimental filmmaker Shinkan Tamaki. Our concept is “Multi-purpose space to explore” and we aim to be a base for people who want to discover a new world, a departure and arrival point for experimental artistic expression, diverse culture and information. Our goal is to be a one and only place in the world where new culture is fostered.

センター長 / Director, Co-founder

河野 円 / Madoka Kouno


Born in Kanagawa. She first became interested in epistemology and perception while studying at university. In 2003, she completed a course on “Sound / Art Expression” at Bigakko, after which she began performance focused on perception and cognition. Currently she performs using empty tape-recorders, metronomes, metal plates, etc to catch variations in interference and distance/space.

…then what/how do you/I perceive?


副センター長 / Vice Director, Co-founder

田巻 真寛 / Shinkan Tamaki

見たことのないイメージと新しい知覚の気づきを求め、主に映像とそれに関連した作品を制作する。抽象と具象、イメージと音の狭間を行き交う映像、フィルムの物質性を探求した作品などがある。近年は日常の光学現象を観察するビデオ作品の制作、ガラスやプリズムで光を操作するライブパフォーマンスも行っている。ロッテルダム国際映画祭、カナダのメディアシティ映画祭、クアラルンプール国際実験映画&音楽祭など海外での上映とライブも続いている。音と映像の実験場「Sound Screening」主宰。

Artist in search of never-before-seen images and new perceptual experience. He makes mainly moving image and works related to it. There are works which cross between abstract and concrete, sound and image. In some film works, he focused on the materiality of film and applied it as sculpted objects. Recently, He makes video works which we observe optical phenomena in our daily life. And he also shows live performance that he manipulate lights with glass and prism. The works were screened at International Film Festival Rotterdam(The Netherlands), Media City Film Festival(Canada), Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival(Malaysia), and so on. Organizer of experimental event series in sound and image “Sound Screening”.