2023.7.8 Sun Yizhou, Hiroyuki Ura, Leo Okagawa

14:30 open / 15:00 start
予約2,000円 / 当日2,500円 (ともに1drink 付)


孙一舟 Sun Yizhou (from Beijing, China)
浦裕幸 Hiroyuki Ura (from Tokyo)
岡川怜央 Leo Okagawa (from Tokyo)


孙一舟 Sun Yizhou
北京を中心に中国のアンダーグラウンドミュージックシーンで活動している実験音楽家。自身のレーベル、Aloe Recordsを運営。主にフィードバック装置を使用し、max/mspで即興演奏の制作も行っている。ソロでは他の音楽家とコラボレーションしたり、東京のレーベル・FtarriやZppakから作品をリリース、ロンドンや台北のレーベルからはカセットやデジタル音源をリリースしている。

A Beijing-based experimental musician who also runs Aloe Records. Active in Beijing and Chinese underground music. He mostly work with electronic feedback devices, also uses max/msp to create improvised music. He collaborates with other musicians as a soloist and has released CDs on Tokyo’s Ftarri and Zappak, and cassettes and digital records on London and Taipei labels.


浦裕幸 Hiroyuki Ura

近年は、市販の録音用カセットテープを5秒から8秒ほどの長さに加工し、”Extremely Short Blank Loop Tapes”と称した、極端に短い空の自作エンドレスカセットテープを用いて、即興演奏や展示を行う。

Born 1984 in Tokyo

Based in Tokyo, he has performed, released CDs, exhibited sound installations, and performed his compositions in Japan and overseas.
In recent years, he has been improvising and exhibiting with self-made endless cassette tapes called “Extremely Short Blank Loop Tapes,” which are made by processing commercially available recording cassette tapes into 5 to 8 seconds in length.
He has also worked as a music producer and engineer at a post-production studio, and has been involved in over 50 productions and advertisements as a producer and engineer.

岡川怜央 Leo Okagawa (b. 1992, Tokyo, Japan)
東京を拠点とするサウンド・アーティスト。2014年よりフィールド・レコーディングをはじめ、ほぼ同時期より、録音した素材やアナログ機器のノイズ、シンプルな電子トーンによる多層的なコラージュ作品の制作を開始する。作品はこれまでに、Glistening Examples (アメリカ)、Unfathomless (ベルギー)、Moremars(ギリシャ)など、国内外さまざまなレーベルより発表されている。



Leo Okagawa is a sound artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He started recording environmental sounds in 2014, and around that time he started making multilayered collage works from elements of recorded sounds, analog machine’s noise, and simple electric tones. His works were released from the labels in many countries, such as Glistening Examples (US), Unfathomless (Belgium), and Moremars (Greece).

He has also been working on an improvised performance since 2017. Using some electronic devices, he explores the structural possibilities of sound through the combination of simple tones. He often performs the sessions with many players regardless of instruments or their backgrounds.

In 2022, he started his own record label, “zappak”, and has been publishing music by other artists on CD. There are three releases as of February 2023, and the preparations of various artists’ works are now in progress. In addition, as one of the label’s activities, he also organizes live performances for other artists.


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/prtcll
Bandcamp: https://protocell.bandcamp.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/prtcll